First of all, happy Reformation-day! I was told, it is some religious Holiday, but since I’m not allowed to enter any Churches (The Holy Water boils the Moment I enter the door) I’m not sure what is celebrated/mourned/whatever. But, since I don’t know, I don’t got an opinion at all. And, since I’m already 2 Months in Dresden, I could sum up my experiences with these strange people:
The City itself is rather beautiful, but it depends on the comparison. l Since I’m bavarian, I consider the stuff they call beer around her an insult. Tastes like water, smells like the yellow stuff, all in all disgusting. The folks itself are a pretty strange crowd. They all vote either conservative or right-winged parties, but they don’t think it through. Which is kind of their signature – the not thinking – thingi. The decided to enter capitalism a few years ago, now they complain on loosing in the game of money and power. Well, duh, who doesn’t?
They drive like psychotic maniacs and see driving rules rather as a guideline than a rule. But that is still nothing compared to the streets, which remind me of topological maps.
Also, if you don’t have your life planned out at the age of twelve and do it with a lot of sports and enthusiasm for boring, stupid stuff, I wouldn’t course my worst enemy with, you are considered “Strange”. Says who, I ask myself. On the Plus – Side there has to be said that they have a lot of beautiful houses and architecture round here, and I don’t mean one or two, I mean whole quarters. And the rent is pretty cheap. The girls also. Not mine, but the others.
Another Strange fact is that there is a Asian Food and Turkish-Food-Stand around every corner, and with them being so spread, you should think everyone around here eats lots of shish kebab and Moo-Fung-Bo-Pei, but Nope, they don’t. Strange, Isn’t it?
The people I got to know (and In one case, got to Like a lot (I have to say that, or I get the Icewater-treating the rest of the week) Seem pretty much crazy to me. Don’t get me wrong, they sure are nice, calm, funny citizens, but the question is “One which planet?”. I’m sure far away from home.
And since I am where no man has been before (Her father gave me permission!) the next few Updates should be pretty exiting…….
Oh, and concerning the Newest President of the United States:
Bush is asked how he knows that the Iraque got weapons of mass destruction. Bush replies: “I’m sure they have, and I can prove it!
I retained the receipt”
Let’s all be happy and Cheerful, cause with this idiot in the White house we won’t have anything to laugh soon


Been a while since the last update, I’m kinda busy with the stuff. You know? University, Roomies (Annoying, I’m telling ya. If your one of my Four roomies: I Mean the other ones (!)) And Yes, I Live together with Four Other People. And the Rest of the world sees them too! (Well, I hope so. I’m 98 % certain, they actually exist outside my head. None could make THEM up! But I’m getting used to it. And To IT, which is my subject of studies. (Whowee, Did I nail English Humor or what?) Enough.
Well, I’m also slowly Adjusting to Dresden, which is a City in Eastern Germany. Very Close to Russia, but the Language is far Crappier. But, the People are nice and it doesn’t have to many mountains, so I got nothing to complain….

Well, to be perfectly honest, I’ve got a lot to complain about, but it seems quite impolite of me to tell you my girl-trouble or stuff like that. She could read it, and than this would be the last update.

Arrived, at last!

Well, after Almost 2 Months (It may appear longer) there is finally an Update! And, if I may say so, a major one! The layout is (As you surely noticed) completely new, the Newsletter is finally working, the Screen-Gallery Is nothing like it was before.
I Made a Own category for the Older Updates, Because an Old Update is like an A Used Con… Confirmation Candle. You Put it away for good. And, Speaking of Good, I’ve started yet another category, Called „Current Art“!, that contains my momentarily most treasured pictures or newest texts or any other stuff that isn’t all dusty and boring yet…. This Category will hopefully change with every update, so you better keep looking!!!!!!
And now, A Drum roll Please (Or an Egg roll?)
We’ve got an extra-category.

Yes, the thingimajingi with the Penguin.

And I Sorted the Stuff (again)….And Did some Stuff (That might be useless, but hey, I sometimes have to pass the boring Downtime between my Adventures…. And I didn’t shave for almost 3 Weeks… And Tried four times to quit smoking (The Worst 15 Minutes of my Life!) oh, and yeah, I moved !
It fits to my surroundings, ‘cause now I’m living in Dresden, and I’m pretending to be a student. Just pretending, because I actually have no idea what these folks are talking about. But, I’ve nailed the paperwork, and therefore I get to introduce myself as “Student of Media and Information Technology”. Sounds cool, but It just means, that I’m not smart enough for Real IT and not Snobbish enough to do just Design.
Seriously: Most of said Design – folks wake up in the morning, step in front of the Mirror and Yell: “Ho da man??? You da maaaaaan!!!”.
Or, if they are into Comics, the lighten up a Cigar and moan in a raw growl (that sounds still a little „Cute“) : “I’m the Best there is at what I do!”.
Sad, but true.
Also mean, but hey, this is just between you and me. And if you don’t catch get the Gag, that simply means you don’t have too much time on your hands like me or any other comic-nerd. (“I’m the best there is..” is explained HERE. )

Nach dem Abitur

Long time no see, wie der Schwabe sagt. Nachdem das Abi jetzt vorbei ist und ich betreffs der Abizeitung nix mehr machen kann, weil ich KEIN MATERIAL habe, gibts halt mal wieder ein Update. UNd zwar was, das das Schlechte Wetter vertreibt und die Sonne in die Herzen bringt – Martin Perscheid, der begnadetste Deutsche Cartoonist. HJabe ausserdem beschlossen, das ich das Blabla für den ANfang auf Englisch mache – da es die Statistiken andeuten, das die Mehr Zahl meiner Besucher Englisch-sprachige Browsersoftware verwendet und NICHT aus Deutschland kommt. Also, International, Global, und vermutlich auch Egal – aber auf Englisch.


(Mittlerweile nicht mehr vorhanden!!!!)
Hey, ihr mit-Mükorianer… hier sind meine “Marke – Eigenbau” – Bio – LK – Kempter – scripts. Verwendung frei und natürlich kann ich für die Daten keine Garantie übernehmen. Wer Tippfehler findet, sollte sich mal fragen, ob er / sie wirlich soviel zeit hat, mich darauf hinzuweisen……… Updates kommen dann, wenn ich dazu komme… leichter, wenn interessierte von Zeit zu Zeit kucken als wenn ich dauernd in der Gegend rumspanne. äh, spamme. Ha, Neudeutsch ist was tolles. Voll Krass sozusagen. Da ich anders lerne als alle Anderen ist bei mir am meisten von der Evolution um am Wenigsten von der Genetik vorhanden…… Und nach dem Abi gibts Updates vermutlich nicht mehr……es sei denn, mir ist sehr, sehr, sehr langweilig….. Damit es mir vorher nicht langweilig wird, habe ich mir eine Plan gemacht. Alles wird gut, wenn man einen Plan hat….. daran glaube ich fest.