Been a while since the last update, I’m kinda busy with the stuff. You know? University, Roomies (Annoying, I’m telling ya. If your one of my Four roomies: I Mean the other ones (!)) And Yes, I Live together with Four Other People. And the Rest of the world sees them too! (Well, I hope so. I’m 98 % certain, they actually exist outside my head. None could make THEM up! But I’m getting used to it. And To IT, which is my subject of studies. (Whowee, Did I nail English Humor or what?) Enough.
Well, I’m also slowly Adjusting to Dresden, which is a City in Eastern Germany. Very Close to Russia, but the Language is far Crappier. But, the People are nice and it doesn’t have to many mountains, so I got nothing to complain….

Well, to be perfectly honest, I’ve got a lot to complain about, but it seems quite impolite of me to tell you my girl-trouble or stuff like that. She could read it, and than this would be the last update.