This I would like to extend to this website. If you believe in it – go. Piss off. Permanently!

Diese Einschränkung der Nutzung möchte ich auch für diese Webseite verknünden: Wenn Sie an Astrologie glauben, Sternezeichen und ähnlichen Unfug, ist Ihnen die Nutzung dieser Webseite untersagt. Verlassen Sie sie jetzt, und husch husch zurück in die Anstalt.

Is this still on?

Seriously – I have forgotten the logindata,
and can only publish through third-party-channels.
Currently Live Writer,
which is pretty Good,
and stored my Logins,but I cannot get to them.
Maybe I’ll do a complete Relaunch.
‚Bout time, if you ask me. Which you didn’t.
You don’t talk to me anymore.

Since the site is laying in its final gasps,
thats understandable and
I wouldn’t do it any other way,
but…You know what I mean, don’t you?
But, after the re-Setup/relauch/springcleaning,
everything will be fine again.

Websites are a bit like smallclothes –
if you don’t change them every two years or so they get stale.

I have said too much, haven‘ t I ?