News from the Middle of nowhere

Well, here comes another episode from yours truly, ambassador of civilization in a strange, foreign world, where people seem to be a bit closer to their ancestors. The apes, I mean. I’ve just spent my first session in the gym, and Oh boy! Can you say Zombie? I’d say, drop the big One and try it again – this just ain ’t worth it. Imagine everything wrong with our time – obsession of the surface, lack of culture, technocratism and an useless use of technology, all in one room with constant Jungle-, äh, Top-Ten-Music and a few TV-Screens that show you how you become if you wanna reach the nice end of the food chain. I ain’ t goin’ there! No, Sir, Not little ol’ me! But, Surely I will – I work out for the same reason everybody works out – to look good naked. No mystery there. No more to the whole thing. I wanna be that guy, walking down the Beach, no shirt on, pass a couple of women and hear: ”Damn – did you see that?” Right now, if I pass said couple of women, they say exactly that, with giggles and loud laughter… But Does it have to be this way? Can’t I just upgrade my hardware? Plug-N-Play Muscles, Plug-and-Pray Bones?

What the hell, there’s some other stuff to be said. Right now it gets really uncomfortable round here, cause the weather is in its meanest mood – Wet, Cold, Snow and Rain Mixed, The sun pops out just long enough to lure you into false security, and if you go out, it stays just long enough for you to be out of comfortable reach of a warm place. Than it hits you in the balls, snow, wind, a storm I wouldn’t wish my worst enemy. Speaking of Enemys, I’m playing Enemy Territory again, and if you frag someone with the name “Saint Ashlar”, that’s me. Thanks in advance, I hate you!