Hello again, my vertically challenged reader! Hear now the tales and adventures of the only sane person in Eastern Germany! Marvellous adventures of insanity and stupidity, their never-ending story of people, who are so messed up, that the standards are lowered to a point, were officially everybody is sane. It’s true – everybody is sane around here – compared to Charles Manson.

I, on the other hand, are as sane as cake, since my three-month-nightmare has ended today, as my new camera finally arrived! The story is a long and annoying one, which began a year ago. I wanted the Canon 300D, for over nine months. But as I managed to wind up enough money to finally buy it, I realised that it was only the body, and since the major “cheap” objective distributor cancelled my family, the EF-Bajonett, I had to look for another one. So, I fell in love with the next-generation model of a camera I already used (HERE), the Minolta Dimage A1. So, my beloved father tells me to wait till Christmas, since electronics prices drop measurably after. And what happened? The A1 wasn’t available anymore. But, (Happy-Happy-Joy-Joy) the next generation (A2) got into my range, and I bought it cheap on Amazon! I was happy two days, and than I got mail. Amazon told me, that due to a database failure, they don’t have my camera anymore. At this point I almost lost what little sanity I had left, ran in circles, gnawed my cushion, stuff like that. And last week, I ordered from a little shop (www.eg-elctronics.de) and now I have it! Soon there will be a lot pics (For now, its just two of my roomies, and our flat, because it rained today (which doesn’t bother me at all, but for now I care more for my camera than for my liver, lung or anything) and I didn’t want it to get wet. And now: Here They are: The first test pics of my new Camera!
There will be much more, after I figured out some things I don’t understand yet. The Noise in Some Pictures, or how I convince my roomies not to annoy me each time I want to upload one pic. It’s always a discussion worth 1 hour, over each pic. Gar. If you agree that they look fabulous, write something in the guestbook to assure their fragile shells of self-esteem are still working.

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