Nightmare before Christmas

Well, here I am in Dresden. For reasons that could only be described as a winter depression, combined with lack of stamina for learning, I haven’t been to the University in almost two weeks – yeah, I know, that’s bad. I considered different subjects, but for now I will stick with it, even it may be necessary to write one or another test again…..
Well, what the Hell, Everybody has to do something wrong from time to time…
By the Way, Christmas is coming Up, and I seriously have no Idea what to get some people…. But, The Usual will do. Or the Unusual, If I lie awake at night and get a great Idea after Sheep No. 7345, or, I Find something nice and cheap and easy to carry (Since I have a couple of things to carry back home, I watch the amount of stuff I can take along.) For Sure I’ll take my new Mobile Datasafe with me, which has all my albums as mp3s, which makes it so much easier and flexible to be the Dealer of new music.

But, Good things come to those who wait, as I say to myself, so, the stuff above was written B.C (Before Christmas), and now we’ve passed that, and I’m back to normal. Well, as normal as I can be, but anyway, I found some presents, which could be described as “Nice “ (Well, OK, I made something Like a 4-year-old, but, What the Fuck, the thought counts for something, doesn’t it?). But, along the way, I decided to quit IT, cause I’m simply not smart enough. I am confined enough to admit it. I’m still pretty sure that I’m smarter than you, my dear, beloved reader and fan, so I can deal. The next master for me to attack is psychology, which is pretty much the complete opposite of IT, but, If you walk against a closed door, try the neighbours’…..