Now for something completly different…

Slowly I get the feeling for my New Camera, Which is good.
But it takes a long time, and that’s bad.

On related news, I’m pretty pissed with the fact, that I almost cleaned the “To Do” -pipeline today, and I’m gonna get bored pretty soon. Anyway, that means for you, that there are more updates, and the roadmap includes: More “Current Pictures” – Updates, a section for me to introduce my roomies (The official and In-official Ones) and to brag about them if and when they annoy me. Also, to upload as many pics of them as I wish. On this subject, it really annoys me that I have to convert and downsize all my new pictures – 8 Megapixels is far to large to upload, ‘cause that would mean my site is 5 pictures and that’s it – the full-resolution is pretty big.
And that’s all for this update, check the Current – Category (Also called “Newest Stuff”) and drop me a mail through my new Web mail-interface, that the friendly folks of provide. Or write something in the guestbook, it gets mighty boring in there….