The Things I said

Well, in respect to the test I’ve got to write tomorrow (God knows why…) I set up a date for a learning session with the Lying Bavarian – but, the man can’t hold his liqueur and is tossing cookies all over his place. Well, mostly the porcellain bowl, but, what the fuck, thats the way it is.
So, I’m sitting here, asking myself what to do o this glorious afternoon – sleep, surf or blog? Well, reading blogs is the next best thing, and I found this test:

Your Slanguage Profile

Aussie Slang: 75%

New England Slang: 80%

British Slang: 80%

Southern Slang: 40%

Victorian Slang: 15%

Prison Slang: 0%

And now I’m afraid: How did the rotten kangaroos get in here?
I mean, New England, OK. Boston Legal and all that.
British – Why not (At least you got Liz Hurley and Jimmy Carr on your side).
Southern – Well, Sir, I’ll be damned if that isn’t crazy as a mule on christmas!
Victorian – See, here I got the second problem: The Last Victorian thing I saw, heard or… well, to be honest, Victorias Secret is not known for it’s sonnetts. Concerning that: There is Victorias Secret, but, in the interest of gender relations: Why is there no Victor’s Secret? „Hey, Victor, I’ve shit me jammies. Got fresh ones?“ – Well, it is probably for the better there isn’t.
But the thing is: still no Aussie-stuff. The last Nicole-Kidman-movie I don’t even remeber, my teacher is a Canadian (And believe me – you don’t want to get me started on that…) and it’s been years since my last Aussi-flick. I guess, the resolution to outlaw Kangaroos (I still don’t trust them) the day before yesterday stuck in my head. So be it, mate, tomorrow I’ll be giving my best Paula Hogan – impression and we take it from there…

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