Development, supposedly

I have to admit that I have a thing –
just once I’d like to take THE picture of flying hair.
The current „best shot“ is this:
AE_2009_07_7140640 Kopie (by bela_beier)

But altough I really like this one, it took a long time and some serious experience. And a modell with perfect hair – becaus it can’t be to thin, it can’t be to thick, it can’t be curly, and it has to be on the light side.
The best one before was this:

vk014 (by bela_beier) tamara-08-06-28-300 (by bela_beier) Christina_2007_07_16_354 (by bela_beier)
But I really didn’t like the washed-out white in the Hair – well, this particular modell has a pretty fair skin and almost white hair, soo…. but i still think it’s to much. But there has to be a certain amount of movement – here we have crisp hair, ncie contrasts, whilst still beeing high-key it isn’t washed out toooo much. And this one – which I like because of its colours, it still isn’t sharp – the crsipy structure of single hairs just isn’t there, and no amount of photoshoping can put it in.

But, enough with the flying head-grown stuff, back to the current session! If anybody wants to see the rest of the (actually quite funny) pictures of this special colleague: Go to the Flickr album! Or her blog!

AE_2009_07_7140533 Kopie (by bela_beier)

Or a picture like:

AE_2009_07_7140432 Kopie (by bela_beier)

Well, not „like“ this picture – You’ll see exactly this picture, among others.

AE_2009_07_7140199 Kopie

You can also watch the Flickr-Slideshow, if you want.

And why I wrote this in english, I don’t know. Anybody wanna venture a guess?

4 Antworten auf “Development, supposedly”

  1. Ich verstehe zwar nicht warum hier manchmal deutsch und manchmal englisch geschrieben wird, aber zum „best shoot“: Best shoot! Congratulationen 😉


  2. Thx 🙂

    Lag aber auch am Modell – tollgehalten, das Mädel.
    Und der Sprachwechsel – einfach, um in Ãœbung zu bleiben, weil wie oft schreibt man schon in Englisch…


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