Boredom and Curiosity

Recently, I read a quote by someone who said that the ability to be bored and to be fascinated by something is the ultimate measurement of Intelligence. If you are bored it means that you are able to grasp concepts or developments instantly, and if you’re curious that means that your horizon is still expanding. I found that rather profound, but I didnâ’t read the whole article – I got bored.


So I shot some Flowers instead.
And let there be said,
that sometimes „Being Grabby“ is natural.

Öko-Bondage_050709_0002 Kopie copy

In other things,
you have no Idea,
what you are looking at.
Happens to me all the time.


And don’t knock colour
– for a tastless, oversatuarated feel,
that you’d expect as the cover of a girls diary,
there’s nothing like playing with the Gradiation and Color Measures.

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