The pleasure of being a working stiff, so far.

Well, it’s been some time since the last update – as you, my loyal readers might have guessed. The reason is quite simple: I don’t have the time to think of topcis, stuff to share and so forth, because since a coupkle of weeks I

… rejoined the workforce.
… became a working stiff.
… re-been some who could be „let go“.
… has downsizeable potential (Whoever makes a joke about my size now will learn what it is meant by „the wrath of the alps“…)

Yeah, I got a job again. And while it has truly been great so far – thanks to the magazine I’m working on, the colleagues and the firm, there are some downsides to it.

First of all, I don’t get much sleep anymore. Well, „much“ and „enough“ are subject to interpretation, but it ain’t twelve hours a day anymore, let me tell you that. Notwithstanding my tendency to fall assleep midsentence in the evening, or at the subway, getting up in the morning has so far been a bit of an drag, and I’ve been slouching towards Bethlehem.

The second downside is that whilst all day dreamning, writing and talking about photography (which, some might say, isn’t that much of a differenve to the time while haven’t been working at Photographie, since at t-online that has been quite a bit of my day, too) I don’t get to take pictures that often anymore. That’s a lie, I can test cameras, try out stuff and so forth, but so far I been trying to find my land-feet, and there hasn’t been much time, actually.And, the main reason:

The third downside to the job – concerning photography – is that you are surrounded by photography, photographers and photos all day. And it is quite hard to bring your „A“ game, when you look at the Hasselblad Masters Award (in 4/2010, available in a fortnight), pros, luminaries and experts and all kinds of great pictures. All of them are better than you yourself could have ever thought of. We are discussing portfolios for the next issue right now, and it doesn’t look like I’ll run out of betters anytime soon. Depressing, artistically. But what the hell, my naturall overestimation of my ablities (Again – don’t say it!) will soon take over and I’ll get back on the horse.

One of  the upsides so far is that  at least now I got a few people (namely a corrector and two colleagues) who know a thing or two about orthography and it’s beginning to rub of on me. Seriously! I haven’t written a wrong das/dass for a week. I generally avoid those words now.


That’s it for now, I’ll call if there’s something new to be shown.

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