Some sense in your science, please!

Update: backs me up on this!  Teh interwebs sez Imma rite!


What I can’t stand these days is pseudo-science. I could never stand it before, but there are certain points, when backseaters, always-behinds and „it-could-happens“ throw straws that break the camels, i.e. MY, back. One thing where it is particularly stupid is „sealife“ in general. Of course, there are some pretty big fish out there – which means, that all the smaller fish could have the potential to be big fishies, but only in the perception of small fishes.  Small timers can only become bigtimers through  change – and for a small fish to become a big fish it must stop being a small fish. You don’t just scale up – it doesn’t work that way.

For example: If you have a small piranha, and you scale it up, you just got a mess of rotting fish – neither structure nor internal processes are working anymore. The sheer weight of the teeth would force its mouth shut, and that is just the beginning of its problems. So, if you want to make a movie about small fish that become big fish, you can’t just photoshop them bigger. Pretty much nothing can be scaled without change in its structure.


P.S. The rant above is meant to be read entirely metaphorically.

P.P.S  Oh, thats right – I forgot to tell you which movie is the reference.

Looks awesome, doesn’t it? Not as good as Megashark vs. Giant Octopus , but still…

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