Vuvuzelas and Hypocrisy

Let it be known that I am not a fan of the Soccer World Championship, or, for that matter, of watching soccer or any other sport in general. But, as a cultural phenomenon, it piqued my interest, in one certain point: The Vuvuzela. This South African Trumpet is apparently a nuisance for the players, the watchers, the referees and everyone else and their granny. There are even instructions to change your TVs settings to blend it out a little. And of course, there are the comments – for example this one:

Now, I don’t care about these instruments one way or another, but I find the hypocrisy very amusing – the cultures of the world are guests in a friendly sporting match, and justifying the general hobnob with „relationships amongst the people of the world“ and so forth. I dare say that out of a thousand people watching only one percent are actually soccer fans. But, lets say they are fans, and not some lemmings who stampede. Then why, dear readers, are these smug bastards complaining about their hosts after the second game? Isn’t that the Everest of Hypocrisy tho tell „We will all get together, in friendship“ and then expect everyone to behave just like they do at your home? And if it is so annoying, that you have to be a smug bastard about it, wouldn’t it be easier to turn the fucking match of?

I recall the comments on „these people down here“ and their „annoying customs“ from other people – when the word „South African“ was spelled with an N. I suppose these allegations will earn me a few unkind words as in regard to my character … well, do that in the comments. But what’s a little critique on customs, in a sporting match, eh , chaps?

Additional thoughts from someone else  „Vuvuzela ist auch nur Fangegröle

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