Once in a blue moon I need some horror / vampire / monster-novels. Far from sorting that as „guilty pleasure“, which is a bullshit-term if I ever heard one.
„Guilty“ should be reserved for things that you can actually be guilty about, 
like rape, pillage, becoming a politician and placing shopping-trolleys just around the corner of the shelves. Nevetheless, vampire-novels have recently gotten some sort of bad reputation – mainly because the „most prominent books“ are on the level of third-class-housewife-fanfiction. But there are good monster books out there, and here are a few quotes from the exellent Asher/Ysidro-Series by Barbara Hambly.

She kept her eyes on his, positive she resembled nothing so much as a myopic rabbit attempting to stare down a dragon.

(This pretty much describes any glasses-wearing person.)

Over the years, Asher had picked up a fine selection of curses in twelve living and four dead languages, including Basque and Finno-Ugric. He repeated them all as he slid the ulster from his shoulders, left it draped like a corpse over the hay, and slipped through the close, dark warmth of the stable and into Blaydon’s back garden.

Beneath the barred window was only an ornamental ledge, and he exercised a number of plain Anglo-Saxon monosyllables as he disengaged his broken hand from its sling and hooked the tips of his swollen fingers over the grimy brickwork to edge himself along. At least, he thought wryly, this was one place where he knew the vampire couldn’t sneak up on him from behind. It was small comfort.