Did I write “Good Things come to those who wait” in the Last Update ?
Well, Good things my ass!
University Sucks, Women suck (Only emotionally, not for real, which is even more annoying) Dresden sucks like Hell, cause instead of a Winter they got “Grey Season”. Birthdays Suck, too. I had mine yesterday, and I hate getting old without getting any wiser at all. Still same Ol’ me, and I so hoped for a change.
Pretty much the Only Thing that rocks even a little right now is my new Case. My little PC is now all cosy and comfy in a Big Tower, Black as Coffee and Beautiful as a Coffin.
I find it strange, that in Dark times you comfort yourself with materialism.
No philosophy, no calm, rational thought, no serious talks, no ritual moaning, just a lame speech on the page and good Ol’ stuff .
But as a marker, when you are happy for more than a week with something that is less than a new liver, you should really change your life.

Which is what I’m about to do. I just haven’t figured out how. But I’ll get there.