Well, Since I have Got NOTHING better to do, I occupied my New Single-again-Self with a Complete Remaking of the Galleries. Women! I don’t wanna go there, but don’t they drive you just Nuts?

I mean, asking for advice is one thing. Not taking the advice is everybody’s free choice. But than, blaming the advisor for the not-followed advice ?? What the f***?
Another example: Hanging out together is nice. If it is always at your place, it’s even nicer, but it also means that your girl is always coming over. And than I get blamed for being to pushing and giving her not enough space. What the f*** am I supposed to do? Hide in the toilet? Ignore her while she’s around?

Another example: She asks me what to do, and I make suggestions. Now I get blamed for being to “dominant”! A pushover like me? ARGH!!!
I mean, what the f***, did I somehow manage to offend her by talking to her? Why is everything I do wrong? Is it possible to do the right thing, or do I offend her by just existing?
Seriously: If you wanna do yourself something good, stay away from eastern Germany, as far as possible, and especially from the female subspecies of these creeps.
Anyway, Now I got more time on my hands to try to piece together something to get myself into the Highway to money, power and and world domination.

Just Kidding, I don’t want power.