A quote and a run

„I know that you think you know what I said. But I’m not sure whether you understood that what you heard is what I meant.“

– Alan Greenspan.

He MIGHT be witty – and I particularly love this one, because it summs up many of the discussions I have – but overall he is a morally bancrupt moneygrabbing old frog and If you want to know why I think so, I hereby cite part of his (shortened) biography:

By the 1970s he was advising presidents Richard Nixon and Gerald Ford, and in 1987 he was named Chairman of the Board of Governors for the Federal Reserve System. Greenspan held the post under presidents Ronald Reagan, George Bush the elder, Bill Clinton and George W. Bush. As chairman, Greenspan was largely responsible for directing U.S. national monetary policy; he is often credited with keeping inflation at historically low levels, and is sometimes criticized for the boom-and-bust nature of the economy in the so-called „dot-com“ era of the 1990s.

Six presidents, two murderous fuckhheafs, a trickster and a potatohead. So, if we need a symbol for current ecconomical problems, several million people who shepishly follow objectivism (which favours unaccounted capitalism, egoism, see Atlas shrugged) and generally should form a choir, called „The gimme! Gimme!“, Mr. Greenspan should be the poster boy.

Why I post this? No idea. Just came to mind. Seriously.  There are parts of my brain that aren’t hardwired to photography or Rule #34.  Hard to believe, I know. And I realised, that maendering, complex and quite senslesss, albeit basically simple sentences aren’t only a german folly of mine. But hey, on a different subject: My camera came back from the repairshop, and should be functioning again – which i’ll test on the weeekend, and where at #34 and photography again. Damn.

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