Wake me up when we hit 2001….

Mafia Wars auf Facebook_1264250082107
Mafia Wars Profil. Aaarg, the document of Wasted Times.

… and I just did.


Not that it just dawned to me, that we have, or rather had, 2001. That I got as early as 2005, but 2001 energy points in an colossal waste of time. Zynga’s „Mafia Wars“ is a browser game, where you are some mobster, who climbs the ranks to „Big Boss“, Godfather or whatever the main man the mafia is called.
You do that by fullfilling duties – rob someone, steal shit, kidnapping, killing, elobarate heighsts and as load of violence. All that happens in rather unattractive interface, where accomplishments are embedded in tastles, slow-loading Html-Sides, and god forbid, that there could be something dynamic. Noooo Sir.
So, if you ask, „Whell, since you are a very high level, how much time does that take“ and we’ll assume that you ask that and aren’t just searching for nudie pics (Yeah, I know, so shut up. I see the search logs…). So, the answer to this question is:

Too fucking much.

So, what’s happening next? I guess I’ll stop playing, since from now on, there are more important things happening, and whoever finds a way to export achievments, shall have all of mine. But that’S not why you are reading this, isn’t it? OYu want the dirtierer details of life, soooo…  I have to dissapoint you, nothing I CAN tell you YET.
Hamburg, searching for a flat, the job and so forth is coming soon. The news are in the twitter-fdeed, or in the facebook conversaations, or maybe just in person. because they are not ready to be shouted from the roofs. Which I will, believe me! But I’ll wait until it’s a little warmer.
And not that slippery anymore (whoa, flat-hunting in Hamburg with -7°, to little clothes (not what you think, but too thin a jacket and no Ice-proof shoes) and my sense of orientation. No fun, no fun at all.) But, when and if  I get a grip and get it all together (not the case, right now) and can safely climb to the roof, than I’ll be shouting it.

Really! I Will! That’s a promise! With pictures and interactiove content and everything! All the web-shit I can muster!

And if you didn’t get the reference in the Title (it happens, as you get older, that the obvious references are only obvious for yourself. Maybe babbling mummys are the hight of philosophy and wisdom, but who knows? Besides, I’m not quite ready, to be a dirty, ununderstandable and old man yet. If I a am aqlready dirty (duh) and old (pft) I want to be at least understandable.  So.)  here`s the reference, the sweet sounds of innocenct times, my youth in the eighties.
Still rockz, in my opinion, but if you disagree, you’re just to young. And wrong, ‚cause let me tell you, youngster, the problem with your generation is, that you think you invented sex!

Melissa Etheridge – 2001 (on youtube 1:20 for the song)

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