Last Chance to See

Because it is so incredible: Last Chance to See (Douglas Adams)

As well as basic gorilla-watching kit – jeans, T-shirt, a sort of waterproof thing, a ton of cameras and tins of pears – there was also an immense store of dirty laundry, a suit and shoes for meeting my French publisher in Paris, a dozen computer magazines, a thesaurus, half the collected works of Dickens and a large wooden model of a Komodo dragon. I believe in travelling light, but then I also believe I should give up smoking and shop early for Christmas.

And on the topic of traveling in a ridgety plane:

I have a cheerfully reckless view of this kind of air travel. It rarely bothers me at all.
I don’t think this is bravery, because I am frequently scared stiff in cars,
particularly if I’m driving.