Ein weiterer Test



(Normal Edit). Okay, das Funktioniert also nur mit Text – bloggen per E-Mail aus IFTT heraus ist … unteroptimal. Außer, man beschränkt sich auf reinen Text, aber … das ist ja nicht so cool. Okay, hier als Ausgleich für die „Test-Posts“ – von denen ich mir nicht sicher bin, wo sie überall hinfliessen – ein Bild.

Bunt. Soooo Bunt.

Kamelie aus dem Botansichen Garten München

Nachdem ich Letzten zum Kamera testen (Mit der Nikon D800) unterwegs war, kamen natürlich (natürlich? wo kommt dass denn her? Ist Scheiße viel Arbeit und hält vom rumkaspern im Netz ab!) Bilder dabei raus, welche ich nicht vorenthalten möchte (auch vollkommen gelogen. Könnte ohne Gewissensbisse vorenthalten. Überhaupt kein Problem!). Zuerst: Der Botanische Garten.



Jetzt gehts los

Die Wehen sind vorbei, die Druckerei hat anscheinend schon gearbeitet (nein, ich habe noch keine Belegexemplare in der Hand gehabt) und es geht los: www.netz-fotografie.de

Das Buch ist fertig

Im Versand, und die Seite dazu ist online! (Hauptsächlich, weil ich auf der Photokina nicht dazu kommen werde, die Seite anzuschalten…). Und wer will, kann schon mal in den Anfang hinschauen: Beim Verlag hier.

Quotables. Part 4,02 von …

The idea that a handbag has something to do with style was backed up by a spokesman for Jimmy Choo, who said that if you have good shoes and a good bag you will look right. Rubbish. If you are fat and you have only one tooth there’s no handbag in the world that will mask the problem, unless you wear it over your head. And I don’t recommend that because if you put your head in a handbag it would take two years to find it again.

For crying out loud!: The world according to Clarkson (Jeremy Clarkson)

Spirituality: the last refuge of a failed human. Just another way of distracting yourself from who you really are.

Napalm and Silly Putty (George Carlin)

 “Does it work? Are they happier ?” “Sometimes. Mostly, no. It’s like the people who believe they’ll be happy if they go and live somewhere else, but who learn it doesn’t work that way. Wherever you go, you take yourself with you.”

The Graveyard Book (Neil Gaiman)

Instead of warning pregnant women not to drink, I think female alcoholics ought to be told not to fuck.

Napalm and Silly Putty (George Carlin)

“What’s that?”

The Fifth Elephant (Terry Pratchett)

Is this still on?

Seriously – I have forgotten the logindata,
and can only publish through third-party-channels.
Currently Live Writer,
which is pretty Good,
and stored my Logins,but I cannot get to them.
Maybe I’ll do a complete Relaunch.
‚Bout time, if you ask me. Which you didn’t.
You don’t talk to me anymore.

Since the site is laying in its final gasps,
thats understandable and
I wouldn’t do it any other way,
but…You know what I mean, don’t you?
But, after the re-Setup/relauch/springcleaning,
everything will be fine again.

Websites are a bit like smallclothes –
if you don’t change them every two years or so they get stale.

I have said too much, haven‘ t I ?

Added on Friday and a Tip.

samstagmorgen josephina (9)
So, what are you doing?
Tell me more!

Actually, that’s a lie -I am not interested and currently I’m trying to get the Comments-Field out of wordpress. And since the Theme isn’t quite standard, that isn’t easy. If you want to know why – I just don’t care about comments anymore, at least on websites (every website). So, if you wanted to ask. Just saying.

So, what else? Read somethin good lately? (If you answer „No, I rarely read“ – Get the fuck out. Now.) I have, but it isn’t exactly a discovery Iain Banks is and Old-Time-Favourite, even though the Wasp Factory was to harsh fpor my tastes. But for example „Against a Dark Background“ was fun – with Passages like: “Aah…Yes, and how does madam wish to pay?” She slapped her credit card on the counter. “Eventually.”

Also from this novel:

“Power today rests in the hands of the lawyers. Those whose function it ought to be merely to help regulate have—following the failure of nerve in those with the rightful claim and historical provenance required for leadership—come instead to legislate. By their very nature, they will ensure that having taken the reins of power into their hands, they cannot legally be wrested from them. What has to be remembered by those who care for the future as well as the history of our species is that law is no more than an abstraction of justice; an expression of a society’s political will and philosophical conceptions. Truth, right and justice are processes, not states. They are dynamic functions which can only be expressed and understood through action…And arguably the time for action is fast approaching. Thank you.”

Quoting Time!

li 2011 06

History does not record anywhere at any time a religion that has any rational basis. Religion is a crutch for people not strong enough to stand up to the unknown without help. But, like dandruff, most people do have a religion and spend time and money on it and seem to derive considerable pleasure from fiddling with it.

Time Enough for Love by Robert Heinlein

Here’s another one:

Scratch a conservative and you find someone who prefers the past over any future. Scratch a liberal and find a closet aristocrat. It’s true! Liberal governments always develop into aristocracies. The bureaucracies betray the true intent of people who form such governments. Right from the first, the little people who formed the governments which promised to equalize the social burdens found themselves suddenly in the hands of bureaucratic aristocracies. Of course, all bureaucracies follow this pattern, but what a hypocrisy to find this even under a communized banner.

God Emperor of Dune by Frank Herbert

Done with Bonaparte (And flickr)

A love affair that lastet years is over,
about something small as „hover“
and size and format and watermark.
There is just no more spark –

and social it ain’t no more
the contacts are stale like old smore.
Nevermind the recent news –
it feels all just done and used.

So, onwards to more pleasent sites,
gathering my wiles and lights
to jump once more in

for greener hills,
and more and newer frills.
I’ll show my pics elsewere.

So, I’m almost done with flickr.
And currently considering the swith to either smugmug
since I already found 6 (!) of my pictures display under others names.
Not that I don’t appreciate it .

Don’t get me wrong – I love showing my work,
and if somebody feels he has to plagiate, so what.
But they were grad-A- Turd-Photographers.
If you wanna steal, make sure it is somewhere on your level.

And the protecion in Smugmug is far superior.
And, as I said, flickr become boring.
By now I’m just searching for the easiest way to switch.

The question is just: Smugmug, Picasa, Facebook (Yes….) or somethin else entirely?
I think,  I should try smugmug, because it is unlimeted storage,
which should be considered, if you have almost 1TB of Picture Data,
And, by the way, the above are two fuckin‘ sonnetts in one evening.

So What

Kameratests sind spaßig, aber zur Vergleichbarkeit muss man ja immer dasselbe verwenden. Werde ab sofort in Grünzeugläden (da mir das Zeug ja dauernd verreckt – Giessen und Düngen ist sooo 1999) immer mit dem Spruch gehen „Ey, Ficcus (oder was halt auf dem Schild steht, ich kenn mich da ja nicht  aus) … also, ich werde sagen „Hey Drücken!“ (ne, das ist dann die Tür, wie auch immer) „Baby, ich mach ein Modell aus dir!“ und dann mal kucken wie die Verkaufsperson, oder zumindest der Pappkamera mit dem Dünger auf dem Tisch (Lange Geschichte, die Augen werden im Alter schlechter) reagiert.