Driving under the Influence

Sitting on this balcony I feel strangly compelled to write in English once again. Mostly because today I travelled to the Ruhrpott (a part of germany that is described by all the towns being in it declaring that they are not part of it) and listend to music, whilst finishing Joe Jackson’s autobiography. And therefore I just have to write in english. You understand, dearest reader, don’t you?

Well, the trip was … trippy. It began with me waking up in my roommates room. That wasn’t strange – he already moved to my room, which he will rent from now on, and I have been accused of snoring under the influence, so I wanted to spare him that. I awoke with the biggest pile of dust I have ever seen staring at me. I know, dust is mostly dead, but as bakteria emerged from prehistorical oceans, this dust emerged from the bottom of the cleaning-food chain and is on its way to the very top of it. After that very manly shriek I packed my car – twice.

The first time I stuffed everything in, and realized that this car is way to small for all my stuff. If you now ask what stuff – it’s just stuff. Spacey stuff, for sure. Some plants, a guitar, books, clothes, tech, everything. Most of it is pretty useless, but hey, that’s me.

Mostly useless, mostly harmless.

So, after the first round I dragged everything back out and left some in Darmstadt, so the car could move at all. The second round left my guitar, most of my shoes, the printer and some other stuff in Darmstadt, which I#ll be fetching next week. If god wishes me to. I bet dollars to dimes, that I’ll need at least two items I left there 😉

Then a hearty breakfast with my smiling kitten (Grinsekätzchen) and the lying bavarian (whom I mentioned before quite often), where I proofed a point of stubborness, as I ate a „Wheatabix“ without anything. I never seen those things before and assumed they were some sort of a candybar.

No, they are not.

It was pretty much the most dry and tastless piece of crap I ever shoved in my mouth – and that Includes snails, worms, shoepolish and some „innovative“ meals. I found out later that you are supposed to soak these things with milk, which causes them a) to expand and b) to be at all digestible. The expanding part I realized later, and it brought a blissfull smile to my face, knowing fully well that I’ll be sitting in the car for the next couple of hours….

And the journey began!

First I found out that Google tricked me – I used Google Maps and they send me through some very unnessecary parts of hessen. After I realised that, I manged to get on the right road (Yes! Lil‘ ol‘ me! A sense of direction! Who knew!!!!) and made my way to Düsseödorf, where I’m staying this night.
On the way I had a lovely one-hour-break, due to Mr. Jacksons memoires, which captivated me for three cups of coffe (who weren’t that well, but hey, whatever) and left me searching for his tracks on the driving sampler, whom I „enriched“ with my singing along. Seriously: If anyone heard that, they’d knew why I write and seldomly podcast 🙂

So, as I got near Düsseldorf, I realized that I have no clue whatsoever to where I have to go. I only remebered, that my friend’s flat was either in the north or in the south of town. Because I choose to leave the highway on the southern exit, It was in the north.

But nevertheless, I found it without asking for directions! That is my equivalent for discovering fire, or Quantum mechanics. (I know, I become rather pleased with myself a lot these days, but call it selfassuring psychotherapy and continue reading. I even allow you an Oh-so-wise smile and a knowing sigh – but just this one time!)

Now I sit on this balcony, having a bud, finished this book and only barely resisted the urge to start it again at the beginning. You should read this book – it’s awesome!
So, here I am – the first step of this journey is behind me. Tomorrow I’ll be stepping on the ward of my future quarters, maybee some people who live there, and if everything works well, I can show you the soundslide I made today (well, I made pictures and thought of things to say. Shall we say it is a possile soundslide?
Oh well, we’ll see…

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