It's only the End of the world… Zifix.

Tasty, innit?

There is a slight tumult going on. I don’t mean in my tummy ort anything, but I’m rather of two minds about two certain things. That amounts to four minds, which is okay, because now they aren’t alone and can see other people. Where was I ?Yes, being of two minds when it is about the language. In recent weeks, whenever I mean something seriously – or even remotely honest – I have been switching to english. And I don’t know why!

Possible reason may include watching every episode of Doctor Who, or that whenever I take in a movie I prefer the original, or re-reading my Neil Gaiman-Collection, or simply the fact, that I don’t make half as many typos and mistakes when typing english than when typing german, which is a bit of fun, actually, since my job is to write in german; but nevertheless, the old nickname „Fehla Beier“ still stands, and I am still the undefeated champion of overly long, winding, senseless sentences with a typo/word-average above 5. So, where do I go from here? Is my subconscious telling me to pack my stuff and head for the white cliffs of Dover? Shall I try to become the twelfth doctor (which I don’t want to be – I wish a long run for Matt Smith, who basically managed to change the role so far whilst staying true to it that it was possible to follow David Tennant without become a mockery! Well Done, Mr. Smith!) or maybe I just need to write for an english paper. That might be a bit of a problem – even my english is far superior to most people, especially Martians (uneducated ones), Bavarians (equally uneducated), South-Americans (the tribes that haven’t encountered english-speaking folk yet, which could be also said of a few „tribes“ from my native area, the Allgäu), it still leaves something to be desired compared to actually english spoken people. Translations, as one might add, aren’t my cup of tea either – not because I don’t know what the people want to say, but the german typos creep back in.

If you counted so far, there is a german mind, an english mind, and a doctor’s mind, so actually  I am of three minds currently. Which sounds rather unhealthy, but what the heck, at least I got beer. And with that sentence I know that it is very unlikely that I’ll ever got to america, and even Britain becomes something of a pipe dream. And while were at the topic of pipe dreams: the whole stuttered essay was to present some text around the picture above, which must be the doing of a photographers mind. There you have it – four minds. What do you expect?

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